Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can you execute my NDA for my concept (or project)?
A: Yes, we can.

Q: How can I hire your firm?
A: Depending on the project's size and scope, we can either work on hourly basis or provide a fixed quote. The latter depends on technical details and specifications of your project. Once we review your specs, we will let you know of how we can be engaged.

Q: If I have only a concept (no specs), how can you help?
A: We can review your concept and develop technical specifications for you if applicable. We can let you know of cost/time associated with developing technical specs for your project.

Q: Do you have a sample specification for me to review?
A: Yes, we can either send you some by e-mail or provide links so that you can get a better idea...

Q: What is Brazen Tek's working term for a project that involves several steps?
A: Usually for projects that involve several steps including the ones that are taken from concept are done in milestones. Milestones are phases for every step of product development. We can propose milestones based on the quote/pricing we have provided.

Q: Does Brazen Tek work only with technical savvy clients?
A: No, we work with technical and non-technical clients.

Q: How far can you take my project?
A: We can take a project from concept through production. Once prototype is developed, we can work to meet production goals (ECOs, reports, support, etc.).

Q: What is an embedded system?
A: It's a combination of hardware and firmware and/or software developments to perform a specific function(s).

Q: What is firmware or embedded software?
A: It's an executable software that is for performing the required functionalities within a hardware.

Q: What is a prototype?
A: Per its dictionary definition it's "the first physical manifestation (if hardware) of a new board design". It is not to be mixed or confused with production unit as there are different processes involved to get from prototype to a production unit.

Q: Do you test the prototype you developed?
A: We have a step at the end (or towards end) of prototype development where we interface hardware with firmware, this is closest to a basic functionality test... Although testing is different than development and requires its own parameters and plan.

Q: Can Brazen Tek do mechanical (enclosure) for my device?
A: Yes, only if electronics development is part of the project.

Q: Do you use open-source hardware or already available boards for proof of concept?
A: Depends on several aspects of your project, but if need be we can use already made evaluation (Arduino, Sparkfun, TI's, etc.) boards for proof of concept.

Q: What is custom development? How is it different from using already made hardware?
A: Custom development is meant to be done to the specifications of your needs. The difference between custom and already-made hardware is in functionalities and design constraints of one versus the other.

Q: What is the use of already-made hardware?
A: Already-made hardware is meant for demo of the concept within a shorter period of time. Most of the time already-made hardware is to reduce development time and cost.

Q: What about proprietary rights, ownership and IP of an already-made hardware?
A: Proprietary rights and IP of already-made hardware belongs to the manufacturer.

Q: Does Brazen Tek have the appropriate test equipment for my project?
A: If we don't have the equipment needed for the project, we can lease it within the time frame we have proposed.