Electronics Product Development

Modelling/Simulation of the concept using various tools
Hardware Embedded Design Services (digital and/or analog circuit): Schematics design, Bill of Materials (BOM), PCB Layout (generating Gerber files)
Firmware Development (Embedded Software): Create/Define algorithms, programming in C/C++/Assembly, Compile/Debugging…  

Building prototypes (PCB fabrication/Assembly)
local, national and offshore

Test & Validation: Define test parameters, Develop a test plan, perform test and validate, Troubleshoot the prototype/device…
Improve existing product: We can change a design based on the requirements or add to the design,
Consulting: Either before you get into development or within any phases of development Engineering Reports: Technical Specs Development, Failure Analysis Report, Manufacturing documentation (for ISO), etc.
Compliance Certification/Approvals: We can obtain various certificates (UL, FCC/CE, TUV, etc.) for various standards… or FDA approvals

Software Development (as part of embedded) Windows, Linux environments using various platforms (.NET, JAVA)

Smartphone App Development (as part of embedded)
Creating native apps for iPhone and iPad, creating native apps for Android devices, User Experience & User Interface Expertise

Database Applications (as part of embedded) Data query, data retrieval, data management and user management using various platforms