Software Development

Whether you have the algorithms or concept for the software in question, we can help you develop the software. The important requirements are based on:

Desired Operating System
Desired Platform
Driver/port Configuration (if any)
Means of communication
Ease of use in GUI (Graphical User Interface)

The main language(s) used are: VB, C#, C++

Further debugging and coding are done using .NET (VB, C#, C++) or JAVA environments (JSE, Netbeans, etc.) throughout the development so that you as the user gets the best solution, free of bugs or errors.
Operating Systems: MS Windows (Vista, XP, XP Embedded, NT, CE,
2000), Linux, Solaris 10 and up.
Applications Development: Object oriented, layout, GUI.
Common Platforms used: MS Visual Studio, Borland, LabView, etc.

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