Electronic Engineering Services

Consulting Electronics & Engineering Services

We definitely can assist you in Electronics Engineering Services, designating your device(s) or module(s) in accordance with manufacturing, consumer or engineering demand. Once being in recognition with the specification, we inform you about the steps necessary for change or upgrade of your design. To assure you of our support, we will work with your manufacturing
personnel, if needed.

We use standards to keep a specific product in the market. Whether your system or module needs modifications or adjustments to the new inquiries, we think that we can do the same for your project. If you have a specific project, we may be able to help you.

We provide consulting for businesses that need assistance with their products in progress.
If you need help in configuring your product(s) reliability, performance or development, you found the right people! We can even have our staff work at your site...

Does your product/system meet the compliance requirements? Do you need help with CAD? We can obtain the required certificates or approvals in a given time depending on the classification of the product. UL, FCC, FDA and even TUV have certain requirements that we are fully aware of. We can also help in the documentation area of the products.

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